Welcome to The Gallery

In The Gallery, you will find examples of our work. We will showcase real businesses we’ve worked with, and what technologies we applied in each case.

All From The Heart Virtual Solutions

About AFTH Virtual Solutions

From Emails to Website Management, AFTH Virtual Solutions is ready to perform your professional tasks. They specialize in taking the work off your shoulders, so you can spend more time growing your business.

Technologies Used

AFTH Virtual Solutions uses our booking tools to allow anyone seeking her services to book a paid time-slot to meet with her. This allows her to focus on magnetizing new leads instead of chasing them down. A scheduling Calendar can also give your business that extra professional touch.

Resumes By Angel

About Resumes By Angel

Angel is a premium resume writer. She has boiled it down to a science, and has helped literally hundreds of people land their dream job.

Technologies Used

Angel utilizes our Auto-Post to Social Tools in order to post once on her site, and her site instantly auto-posts to her social media accounts. Write once, post everywhere.

Strickland Automotive

About Strickland Automotive

Strickland is a mobile repair shop. They are equipped to serve automotive and commercial vehicles. With their 24/7 Breakdown Service they can help you with any vehicle, anytime, anywhere.

Technologies Used

Strickland Automotive is a 24/7 service provider with mobile units ready to deliver 24/7 roadside assistance. Using our Booking Tools, Strickland is able to receive emergency requests in real-time directly to the technicians’ phones. They are notified instantly instead of constantly checking an inbox.

Twice The Kindness

About Twice The Kindness

Twice The Kindness is an awesome company founded on filling the world with more kindness. They work with non-profit organizations to boost funding, and give to those in need.

Technologies Used

Twice The Kindness has multiple branches. The overall mission of TTK is to benefit people in need through it’s many sub-sites. TTK needed a group of websites consolidated under one domain name. For this we built a Multi-Site. This allowed the unification of the websites, giving TTK access and control from one main dashboard to control all the sites.

Twice The Kindness: The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree is one of Twice The Kindness’ Websites. Here, customers can shop, while every sale benefits a non-profit organization and a person in need.

Twice The Kindness: Backpacks Full of Smiles

Backpacks Full of Smiles is another Twice The Kindness Site that is designed for helping schools raise funding while also helping children in need.

Twice The Kindness: Animal Care

Twice The Kindness: Animal Care is a site aimed at helping those in need while also supplying your pet with the supplies they need.

Twice The Kindness: Classroom Gifts

Twice The Kindness: Classroom Gifts is much like Backpacks Full of Smiles. It is aimed at helping schools raise funding while also providing for less fortunate children.

Dominate Your Market

Our websites are Marketing Machines, and they are built from the ground up to dominate your market. Our sites are visually appealing, but that’s just on the surface. Under the hood, our websites are automated, lead magnetizing, deal closing machines. From auto-posting your content to social media for you, to automated market research, we have it all. All the tools you need to make your website your Business Super-Power.

Leave your competition wondering, “What just happened?” When there customers start falling away, and sales drop like a rock. We utilize more than technology. We unite technology with business psychology in order to produce a website that is custom designed to serve your clients in ways your competitors haven’t even thought possible.

Ready to dominate? Apply today for one of our Marketing Machines. Since our sites are bespoke, and custom designed to dominate markets, we do not provide websites to just anyone. We vet every lead, and only work with clients that are truly ready.

Why Are Spots Limited?

Due to the amount of time, work, and dedication it takes to build valuable successful brands online, we have to limit our client base to only those who are ready both psychologically and physically.

What Do I Get?

Our websites are made-to-order. We don’t just build a generic cookie-cutter and expect your business to mold to it. Rather, we gather a complete understanding of the entirety of your business, and hand-craft a unique website that is custom build for your business from the ground up. Every detail of your business is carefully analyzed, and expertly digitized to suit your exact business model.

Once we have crafted your unique Marketing Machine, we will then keep in close contact and be your online business advisors. Anytime you have an issue, we will solve it. Anytime you need help with ANY of your business technology (Computers, Phones, Software, P.O.S., Etc.), we will be there to help.

In addition to being your dedicated tech team, we are always up to date with the latest in business technology, psychological trends and principles, as well as market data and trends. When we make new discoveries that can benefit your business, you will be the first to know. We make it a point to keep our clients on the bleeding edges of their markets, giving even the biggest corporations an honest run for their money.