By booking any service on, you agree to be legally bound by the following terms.

These terms and conditions can be updated at anytime without notice. Once they are updated, they will take immediate effect.

When booking a technician/Mobile Tech Shop visit, we charge a non-refundable booking fee. This fee is a flat fee that pays for the technician’s gas and time to arrive at your location. This fee is separate from the cost of services rendered. Your technician will give you an onsite quote as to the estimated total cost of services to be rendered.

In the event that your service (s) cannot be rendered onsite, we will take your materials back to our shop for the repair, and then delivered to you. In this event, the technician will give you the proper paperwork stating that we have possession of your property, and the terms of returning said property.

Please, be aware: your scheduled time slot will be kept as punctual as possible, however in some cases we might be a few minutes early or late depending on conditions such as weather, traffic, and starting location.

If you are not present when the technician arrives, the technician will wait 15 minutes for your arrival/contact. If the 15 minutes has passed, and you still aren’t present for the technician to serve your needs, the technician may leave, and the booking fee will be forfeited. To bring the technician back, you will need to book a new time slot, and pay a separate booking fee.