Lawrence: Chat

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This feature, once available, will allow you to place your business details here for Lawrence to use when writing content for your business.

Getting Started

To get started simply ask Lawrence any question, or ask him to write/draft something for you. Lawrence can perform a wide variety of tasks from writing emails to social media posts, ad/sales copy, or even compelling debate arguments.

Sending Your Message:

To send your reply to Lawrence, type it into the message box provided to the left, and either press the “Enter” key, or click the “►” button next to the message box.

What Lawrence:Chat Can Do
  • Remember What’s Been Said
  • Understand The Topic
  • Answer Business Questions
  • Assist With Business Operations
  • Write Ad/Sales Copy
  • Write Emails
  • Write Blog Posts
  • Write Social Media Posts
  • And Much More!
What Lawrence:Chat Cannot Do

This “Chat” part of Lawrence is NOT integrated with your LTTG services, nor your services with any other platform. Therefore, he can craft new content for you, but he cannot send/post/publish it himself from here. For these kinds of features and functionality, please consider commissioning your business’ own A.I. Marketing Machine