Keyboard Shortcuts

Switch Through Open Windows: [Alt] + [Tab]

When using your computer as the tool to manage your business, it can quickly necessary to quickly switch between the windows you have open. Doing so can save you a lot of time. To do so, just press and hold [Alt] and press [Tab], while holding [Alt]. Doing this once and releasing it, will switch to the last window you had active. Pressing [Tab] twice while holding [Alt] will switch to the window before the last one had active. Holding [Alt], while pressing [Tab] any number of times will flip through windows in the order of what was most recently active. If you flip all the way through all the open windows, your system will just cycle back through the same list of windows again.

Practice it Now

  • Press [Alt] + [Tab] Once, and release them to jump to the last window you had active.
  • Press [Alt] + [Tab] Once again to return to this window.



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