Keyboard Shortcuts

Copy: [Ctrl] + [C]

Paste: [Ctrl] + [V]

I can’t count the number of people I have seen still using the mouse’s right click menu to copy & paste things hundreds of times a day. What if they was a “copy” key and “paste” key on your keyboard? Would it increase your productivity? Just imagine how many literal minutes you could save a day.

Ready to save time with the keyboard shortcuts for copy & paste? It actually easy. First, let’s see how to copy something. Just like normal, highlight or select whatever it is you want to copy. Then, on your keyboard press and hold [Ctrl], and while holding it, press the letter [C]”. Whatever you selected is now in your virtual “Clipboard”, and ready to be pasted. Please note, you will not see any menus or pop ups letting you know it was copied. This is part of what makes it so much quicker than right clicking with your mouse.

So, to recap. Select what you want to copy, and press [Ctrl] + [C].

Now that you have mastered copying content, you need the ability to paste it somewhere new. This is also simple however, not as intuitive. To paste something you have copied, just select where you want it placed. Now press [Ctrl] + [V].

When it comes to copying content it’s easy to remember [Ctrl] + [C], because “C” is the first letter of “Copy”. But, pasting with [Ctrl] + [V] can best be remembered if you view the letter “V” as an arrow pointing down, as in “Paste it Here”. At least that’s how I remembered it until it became second nature.

If you aren’t used to using these keyboard shortcuts it can be a little to get used to, but I promise it’s an great investment of your time that will pay you dividends of time in the end. Just imagine if you could save tens or even hundreds of seconds a day in productivity? Imagine how much time that will add up to very quickly. How about over a year’s time?

Practice it Now

Practice your new skill now. Copy the sentence below, and paste it in the text field below.

Copy me, and paste me in the field below using the keyboard shortcuts for copy & paste.


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