Keyboard Shortcuts

Close Window: [Alt] + [F4]

How many times have you clicked the big “X” in the top corner of a window to close it? How much time does it take? Not long? Even if it were just a second, wouldn’t it speed up your productivity to be able to close a window from the keyboard? How about a “Close” key? Rather, a “Close” key combo.

Press [F4] while holding the [Alt] key will close the currently active window. When you do this, the window you had active before the one you closed will now be active again. Pressing [F4] multiple times while holding [Alt] will close as many windows as times you press [F4] while holding [Alt]. The order they are closed in will be in the order of which window was last active.

Practice it Now

  • Open a new window of any kind. Web browser, text editor, etc.
  • After the window opens, hold [Alt] and press [F4] once, then release both keys.



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