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Step 1: Make a Google My Business Account

Step 2: Find & Manage

Google will now ask you to search for your business in their database. If your business is already listed, then you can take control over the listing. If your business is not listed in the database, then Google gives you the option to make a new listing.

Step 3: Get on the Map!

Next, Google will ask if you have a physical address that customers can visit. In order to show up on Google Maps, and Google Local Search, this is a MUST!! Select, “Yes”, and move forward.

The next step will ask you to select you geographic locations you serve. This will tell Google to show your business as a local business when people search for your services in their area.

Step 4: Verify Your Address

In order to make sure that your address is really yours, Google will send you a postcard in the mail with a verification code. You are able to setup your Google My Business profile before verifying your address, but only after verification will your profile go live. So, as soon as your get the postcard in the mail, login to Google and give them the code. And, just like that, hop on Google Maps, zoom in over your area, and enjoy the new location pin with your business’ name on it. There for the whole world to see.


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