Fiverr® – Project: Night Owl

Project: Night Owl

We’re Hiring Freelance Python3 Devs

Larry The Tech Guy, LLC is looking to partner with freelance Python3 Developers, and construct a large scale data driven A.I. project. We need skilled Python developers with an array of secondary skill-sets.

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Project Scope

The project will be a software service that will collect data from many different websites, aggregate, analyze, and store the data. The software will make many advanced intelligent calculations and inferences about the data, and store the results.

Project Parts

The following list contains the different parts of the Night Owl project. Developers will be given their own subsection of code to develop. In the end, all of the parts will be aggregated into the final project.

Database Manager

Handles multiple databases, and the flow of data between those databases as well as client connections that constantly feed in new data for storage. Connections must be secured, and encrypted.

Secure Socket Wrapper

A library that can be imported into each of the other scripts in order to provide a encrypted communication method via Python3 Sockets, and extended methods.

Web Scrapers

We need a unique, highly targeted and accurate web scraper for EACH of the multiple websites that we will be gathering data from. Each web scraper will send data over encrypted TCP to the [Database Manager].

API Manager

Some of the platforms we will be gathering data from provide their own API. For these sites, we need ONE universal wrapper to access EACH API.

Flask Dashboard

A web based dashboard for viewing and managing data, manual data entry, data import/export, and note keeping.

Unique Object Classes

Given the fact that this project will be handling a vast array of data types, we will need an object class for each type.

A.I. Brain

The Night Owl project will have a “brain” or “core” analysis script that will be made up of several application specific A.I. Algorithms working together to perform the overall task of analyzing the raw data, and drawing intelligence from it.

Skills Needed

The following is a list of necessary skills for the job. You must have excellent Linux Native Python3 Skills as well as ONE of the following in order to be considered. You do NOT have to have ALL of these skills, but candidates with the most of these skills will be considered first.

  • Python3 Webhooks
  • Python3 API Integration
  • Python3 Library: SQLite3
  • Python3 Library: Selenium (Firefox)
  • Python3 Library: Sockets
  • Python3 Library: TensorFlow
  • Python3 Library: Flask
  • Python3 Library: OS
  • Python3 Library: qrcode[pil]
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Web Server: Apache2
  • Front-end Web Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

How To Apply

In order to comply with the Terms of Service of Fiverr®, we are only accepting application via Fiverr®. Please, click the button below to be taken to our Fiverr® Request. From there, login to your Fiverr® Account, and reply to our request. Candidates with the most skills listed above will be considered first.

This project will be ongoing, therefore selected applicants that finish their part of the project may be given the option to take on another part. Even after the completion of Project Night Owl, we will have an ongoing need for developers in the future, and will offer first choice to the developers that help with this project.