Welcome to LTTG!

We are here to serve your small business’ big needs. We provide a wide range of services for our clients to take advantage of.

Our Services

Tech Support

From your personal phone and computer to your business’ workstations and servers, keep your technology running like new, and up to date with the latest security.

Web Design & Development

Make the ultimate digital statement for your brand, and grow your online presence. Gain customers from around the world with your digital store-front.

Ride-share & Delivery

Need to get somewhere or have something brought to you? In addition to technology, we are pros at logistics too. We can move you and your stuff quickly, comfortably, and professionally.

Tech Support

Web Design & Development

Your business is unique.Your business’ website should be too. No cookie cutters here. We design your website to be the perfect companion to your company. Web technologies have become extremely powerful over the years, and it reached the point years ago that you could manage your business entirely online. Yes, even a brick & mortar business. Below and just some of the industries we serve and how we can help.

Select the category below that best describes your business and see a sneak peek into our playbook for your industry and others.

Retail Store – (Brick & Mortar)

Retail Store – (Online Only)

Service Based Business – (Lawyer, Consultant, Lawn Care, Doctor, Dentist, Plumber, Electrician, etc.)

When it comes to making money as a service based business, you want your calendar full of appointments. More appointments with good paying clients is crucial to success. That’s why our websites built for service based businesses are laser focused on capturing new leads, and nurturing them all the way through the business deal, and beyond.

Our clients enjoy the ability to wield powerful tools, and psychology that attracts the right clients, and helps you keep track of each client with fine grain details that make the customer feel appreciated during every interaction. We built your site from the ground up with customer experience in mind. Our mission is to help you fully satisfy each customer, while decreasing your overhead costs, saving you time, stress, and money.

Accountant (CPA)









Logistics – Ride-Share & Delivery