Data Theft

As a business owner that is genuinely looking out for the best interest of your clients, would you ask your client to send their private information (Name, Email, Passwords, Phone Numbers, Address, Credit Card Info) on a post card in the mail? Of course Not! Then why are some businesses doing the digital equivalent?

What is the digital equivalent? I’m glad you asked. If your website is NOT using SSL, then you are doing the digital equivalent of having your customers send their private information through the mail written on a post card in plain text. It should be obvious how this is NOT okay! How many eyes will see that card on the way to it’s destination? Who knows? The further it has to travel, the more hands it will pass through on the way. Who’s to say it wasn’t copied along the way?

The internet works very much like the traditional postal service. Emails, videos, pictures, games, etc are all sent in “Data Packets” (Actual Computer Science Term). Due to a collection of Physics and Computer Science Concepts, for the internet to be possible, all data is send in very much the same way as a traditional post card. In the sense that every mail handler between you and the recipient can access the content of the message.

With this in mind, ask yourself, “If envelopes never existed, and everyone just sent letters that anyone could read on the way?” How could you send a message that anyone can see on its way to the recipient, but not knowing the actual contents, and meaning of the message? How can we hide the message in plain sight?

Enter encryption. Man has been using encryption throughout centuries to deliver secret messages, and with today’s growing internet world, we have discovered a few more clever methods of encryption that further protect your message from being decrypted by anyone other than the intended recipient.

Now what does all of this have to do with your customer’s and their data? Point-blank, if your website does NOT use SSL (AKA https://), then you are having your clients send their private data UNENCRYPTED. This means the chance stands that any computer that helps bridge your computer and the computer, website, or service you are connecting to could (just like the mail handler reading the post card) save a copy.

From one business owner to another, get your business website secured TODAY! Failing to do so is a major security risk and possible legal liability to your company. That’s not to mention that many internet savvy shoppers will pass you right over without a second though if they don’t see that your site is secured by seeing “https://” in the address bar before your domain name, and hackers can even high-jack your traffic. Sending people who thought they were going to your site, but actually wound up where the hacker wanted them AKA “Click Jacking”. How many sales have you lost because of this point alone!? How would you even know?

See why hackers everywhere want you to ignore this advice!

As you can see, this is just one of many things hackers can do to your customers without you ever even knowing and in many cases neither do your clients. There is a vast array of other techniques hackers can use as well, and all because your website is not properly secured. SSL is NOT a magic bullet that stops any hacker anytime, but it IS a MAJOR first step toward securing your company from being victim to those who wish to spy on your clients while they communicate with your website.

Ready to Fix It? Here’s how:

Click the case below that is true for you:

I Have a Website, but no SSL.

Ask your designer/maintainer or web host if they offer SSL. All reputable companies offer some form of SSL. Some charge, but a few don’t. If you are holding back from securing your site because you are unsure how to get SSL, or scared of how hard it will be to setup, in most cases it’s literally as easy as a phone call and a small fee to your web host for the certificate.

For the tech savvy, or brave at heart, there is an absolute free option that might work with your web host. Let’s Encrypt is an organization that prides themselves on free SSL. There are a few drawbacks though. You have to install the certificate

I need a website, and SSL.

When looking for a web designer or web host it’s important to choose one that delivers the essentials for your business to operate smoothly and securely from the very beginning. There are a wide range of companies to pick from. A simple Google search will yield results to your hearts content, but of course Larry The Tech Guy includes SSL with EVERY website by default. No extra cost. Learn more about what we give our web design clients here.



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