Application: Real Estate A.I. Marketing Machine



Welcome to the Real Estate A.I. Marketing Machine Application. As you likely read on the page that sent you here, our Marketing Machines are rare, hand-crafted, limited edition, powerful works of digital art. We take pride in each one, and can’t build one for every agency that could ever possibly want one. Therefore, we require than you fill out an application in order to be considered for a Marketing Machine.

What kind of factors are considered? In short, the numbers, strategy, and structure of your agency. We only work with like-minded businesses that are looking to scale. We don’t have time for unsure, uneducated, tire kicking, window shopping, price checking, low-balling, disrespectful, or any other time-wasting types of leads. Our time must be spent serving our existing clients to the best of our ability, therefore, we need to see your willingness to invest in your business like we will if you are approved.