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Larry The Tech Guy, LLC is a Business-Focused Technology Company that helps businesses grow by using Custom Programming & Artificial Intelligence.

Expertise, Inspired by Trust

We are a highly skilled team of individuals that are constantly striving for the best in our field. We believe in hard work, determination, and attention to detail. This has led to our success as we have grown from a small startup to a large company that has achieved many milestones along the way.

Customized for You

We offer something different than other companies. From custom programming to business pipelines and workflows, we are able to offer you services that will help your business grow at an exponential rate. We also offer custom solutions for your current needs.

Trust The Tech Guy

Larry is an expert programmer with years of experience in technology and software development. He specializes in artificial intelligence and customization, making him the perfect person for your next project.

Larry The Tech Guy

Larry The Tech Guy is the founder of Larry The Tech Guy LLC. He eats code for breakfast, dreams in algorithms, and breathes small business.

Larry’s Mission

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” My mission is to be that change. I love technology, and small business. Small businesses need efficient, reliable, and useful technologies in place to remain competitive. The problem is that most small business owners I know, understand technology just enough to get by, or set something up and refuse to update to the newest and latest tools that actually make their job far easier.

I Love Technology

As a child, I was the quiet one in the room just absorbing life as it happened. I also took every toy I had apart. I even began taking other things apart like tools. The problem was, I never put them back together. I once took apart my dad’s drill, and my grandmother (his mom) got on to me for it. He told her, “He’s ok, I bought it anyway. He’s just curious how it works.” As I got older, I discovered computers. That’s when everything changed.

I viewed computers as an amazing thing. How can this thing do so much like play music and videos, and allow me to communicate with the world? I had to know, but of course I couldn’t take my aunt’s laptop apart. It cost more money than I ever even held at that age. Plus, I had taken enough things apart to know that I’d probably just see more of those green things they call circuit boards with little components all over them. By this time I wanted to know how the circuit boards worked. It just so happed, I had a new found super power.

I could type out any question or subject I wanted to know about, and almost instantly read about the subject, or even better watch a video about it. Thanks Google/YouTube! I had discovered a modern day amenity that people just 150 years ago wouldn’t have dreamed of. Kings, emperors, and other rulers of ages past have spend vast fortunes, and the lives of men to find information and send messages around the world. These days anybody can pull out there phone and check the weather of a city on the other side of the earth. Not only one city, but any city in the world. Just think of how amazing that really is!

I was 11 years old when I began to learn computer programming. Between my new found love for the most amazing tinker toy ever (the computer), and my new found ability to find the answer to nearly any question I could ever ask, I set out on what has become a lifelong journey to becoming a master of technology.

While friends were going to the skating rink, watching movies, playing video games, and going to the mall, I was at home eagerly learning new things about computers and what I could make them do, everyday. Little did I know, I had become a self-taught student of computer science. The more I learned, the more I experimented, and the more I discovered made me fall deeper into a passion.

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